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Earn BITCOINS Gain BITCOINS Faucet list

BITCOIN FAUCET:In GainBitcoins you can earn BITCOINS and gain BITCOINS FREE, one way of doing satoshi fast, free and easy every minutes. Each time you visit this page and feed you will receive a faucet payout amount randomly selected from the available amounts shown in green below. You only need to put your Bitcoin Address and Captcha system.

Faucet is the term that they use to identify a set of pages web that time give us a certain amount of micro-payment, usually a few "Satoshis" to change to to see them. These pages are fed basically embedded in these advertisements and donations from users who already have Bitcoin and contribute in order to encourage new users to try the new cryptocurrency of internet.

I should clarify something before all other things. Unless the price of Bitcoin falls precipitously, a tap never will generate you once "1 BTC", since, what these you daran, are small quantities, that after a few visits, I add each other, go up to forming amounts which actually can result in cents of other currencies... why should I warn you, not you haras rich overnight. Currently a Bitcoin price is very high, and so as you will never find one page that you $1,000 only because if not you will find one that you 1 BTC.

Balance: 279 satoshi

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401 satoshi every 920 minutes.

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a currency, as the euro or the US dollar, which serves to exchange goods and services. However, unlike other coins, Bitcoin is an electronic currency presenting innovative features and stands out for its efficiency, security, and ease of Exchange.

Their biggest difference compared to other currencies, is a decentralized currency, so no one controls it. Bitcoin has a central transmitter such as the dollar or the euro, the cryptocurrency is produced by individuals and companies around the world to devote large amounts of resources to mining.

Benefits and advantages of Bitcoin

Currently, it is the most widely used digital currency around the world and there are good reasons for which is becoming increasingly popular. Both home users as vendors and business owners located in Bitcoin important advantages which have led them to adopt this system. Some, we have already mentioned them to the top of the page, but there are many other beneficial reasons which we'll see below to buy bitcoins.

Here are some features of introduction to Bitcoin:

-Does not belong to any State or country and you can use around the world alike.

-You can change bitcoins euros or other currencies and vice versa, as any currency.

-There are no intermediaries: transactions are made directly from person to person.

-It is decentralized: is not controlled by any State, Bank, financial institution or company.

-Your falsification or duplication thanks to a sophisticated cryptographic system is impossible.

-Transactions are irreversible.

-You don't need to reveal your identity when doing business and preserves your privacy.

-The money you belongs to 100%; You can not be operated by anyone nor accounts can be frozen.

If you want to know more then check out the full Bitcoin Wikipedia article or watch the YouTube video below.

Bitcoin provides security to the buyer and the seller.

Historically, all means of payment or objects with value have had security problems. Computer problems have resulted in the theft of thousands of numbers of credit cards, leaving unprotected to buyers who have been able to suffer significant losses. When we make purchases with Bitcoin we don't have to reveal sensitive information such as bank accounts or credit card numbers for example and therefore there is no risk of that this information be removed from the online seller. Bitcoin is also preferable to other systems of payment online, especially for the seller. Bitcoin transactions commissions are very low and there is no risk of that fraudulent buyers and scam artists who revert the payment, leaving both with the product and with the money. Finally, Bitcoin features allow pages to set up a service of escrow (escrow), ensuring that the seller only gets money if product has successfully reached its destination. This is often used in pages of auction and sale of second-hand products.

Bitcoin is a market that never stops.

Virtual currencies cheaper costs to eliminate the middlemen entirely.

Today it is still very common to send money anywhere in the world carries significant fees or commissions due to the large number of intermediaries that exist in the process. This includes: fees by bank transfer, commissions by accepting or using credit or debit cards, commissions for using services of "money transfer" or commissions for using services "pay online".

In Bitcoin no intermediaries and the money goes directly from person to person: from buyer to seller or from particular to particular. This reduces the price of sending money substantially and also allows you to sell products and services at a fair price.

How much is worth a Bitcoin

The first question that has everyone on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin price, as well as any value in Exchange and any currency or metal, has a free price based on offer and demand in the market. This means, that its price changes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a world currency and not be for never. Its price can be consulted on numerous web pages I'm going to appoint to the end of the Guide to be able to find out quickly how much is worth a bitcoin, if you want to know what is bitcoin, this guide will help you to know from the absolute ignorance to a broad knowledge thanks to the Guide on this website.

As we go, the price of Bitcoin is which is reflected in the image that I show you. When I wrote this article, the price was 383.31 16 January 2016 to the 23.56 day hours. This means that you need to 383 dollars in order to buy 1 Bitcoin.In euros, would be 353.39 euros approximately, according to Kraken, the European largest market of Bitcoin today.

What is the reason for which the value of bitcoin is variable? Bitcoin had a fixed price, would lose its main function which is the freedom to change, i.e., to be an independent currency and that is it based on their own value, with its demand and supply, as makes it the dollar and euro in the global currency market, popularly known as Forex.

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